“Even Good People have limits”…Dr Pushkin Attacks the Politicians Son in Bonsam Mc

Bonsam Mc
Bonsam Mc

Bonsam is the Twi name of the devil. So, when a rapper chooses to wear the persona of the devil by adopting Bonsam Mc, so much may be at play. I’ve listened to the #OutLandish album by Dr. Pushkin a couple of times; while it generally presents a tapestry of life’s coloring, some songs appear very personal. The lyrics below are from Bonsam MC to wit, devilish MC. Dr. Pushkin gives off some clues by painting a bizarre image of whoever the target is. I am not sure what could have stirred the hornet’s nest, but the demon in him has been unleashed.

Can I call Bonsam MC the start of some beef?

Well, I guess a reaction to the song by whoever will determine if two rappers are going to go ghetto in 2023. One thing is for sure: subliminal yet elaborate bars are thrown out there. It may make it easy for the target to acknowledge the hit and take a swipe back or play dumb by playing mute. Whichever way, Rap will win.

For a calm, laid-back, and nerdy rapper to want to go haywire, a lot may have transpired behind the scenes.

Who is the Bonsam Mc Going after?

Well, I have my guesses, but I want to hear from the “horses” mouth. However, since we all love the thrill of guesses, I will say this;

  1. The target is a politician’s son
  2.  The target has been around the Maths and Science Quiz ground for unknown reasons
  3.  The target has a persona different from what people who experience them know them to be.
  4.  The target is a Dada Ba Rapper (Lol)
  5.  The mark hasn’t manifested anything because nowhere cool
  6.  The target is not a God Mc

Need I say more?

For the past two years, Dr. Pushkin has worked hard as a musician and a producer on some of his songs. Despite having to manage a multi-faced life, the rapper has put in so much work culminating in this masterpiece of an album, Outlandish. This album is undoubtedly a precursor to the success that beckons in his life as a musician. Dr. Pushkin has scored many laurels as an academic, AI specialist, and author; it is only appropriate that another win in a different industry is added.

Below are portions of the lyrics from Bonsam MC.

“Even Good People have limits…

Round me

All I see is a degree of acceptable 

Mainstream hypocrisy

And bureaucracy that they call 

Democracy, they say I’m free

But its nothing but an aristocracy

Then why am I surprised that this 

Demon spawn

A politician’s son 

Will turn around and steal my songs

Running around the National 

Science and Maths Quiz ground,

Trying to eclipse me? Here? Clown

You steal shit from me

Just cuz some nerd said that 

You ain’t better than me

Punk you better not tempt me

I got it in me to end careers myriad…

Your Raiden looking ass can catch fatality

Your image contradiction 

There’s nothing real – you’re fiction

Managed to fool everyone that you smart

With that Dada B diction

Yeah we’re all sick of you

Yeah you nowhere cool no more

Best Rapper? Got pissed on

Metaphorical teflon

I ain’t even flexing

Your catalog makes me yawn

And punk stop fronting

You manifest nothing

Nah you ain’t no God MC

If I’m a human you just a tiny flea”

You can stream the OUTLANDISH ALBUM below

Outlandish by Dr. Pushkin (isolirium.com)


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