“Outlandish Delivers a Feast of Music: Wait No More!”

Dr Pushkin finally drops his much-anticipated Album: Outlandish

Outlandish Album By Dr Pushkin
Outlandish Album By Dr Pushkin

Dr Pushkin started talking about the Outlandish Album in late 2022. He promised to deliver a musical experience which transcended genres. True to his words, the album has finally dropped and is in all music stores.

After listening to the Outlandish album, I can only express a sigh of relief about the power of music. While music is often tagged as entertainment, it has a reputation for being a conduit when expressing concern about society. Dr Pushkin aka Paul Azunre has curated this album with a lot of thought patterns.

Featuring several artists from varied backgrounds, the 17 Track Album offers a wide array of vocal and lyrical prowess. Mr All 4 Real known as Ofori Amponsah, Quata Budukusu now known as Budukusu, Teri Wiizi, Kwadjo Spiri, and Aggie, each brings their A-Game to this masterpiece of an Album. Other Musicians who blessed this Album with impeccable deliveries are Nikita Ataman, Jerry Kanjaga, Kinglung, Aphee, Muphasah, Kromanteng and Aza.

Outlandish is premised on socio-conscious lyrics, love, and unity of backgrounds. It also symbolises globalisation. So, artists and producers across continents and different ethnic backgrounds join forces to produce a sound that doesn’t only thrill but speaks to the soul.

Producers on the album are AzkonnaBeatz, Nikita Tolkachev, Paul Azunre (Dr Pushkin), Peweezel, Phredxter, 2Kings, Dj D. Abete, Diaz Qlasik, and IV. All the aforementioned brought the best of their skills as musicians to guarantee the best listening experience.

A sneak peek to the Outlandish Album before you Stream

Kicking off the album with Raphino, Dr Pushkin goes hard on a beat detailing the struggles to fit in and yet stand out. Delivering hard lines on a bouncing Hip Hop Beat produced by himself and Nikita Tolkachev, the rapper takes a storytelling route with this song. Relating the skill of survival to the skills of Rhobino the former Brazilian super footballer, the rapper talks about his dexterous approach to survival.

“Wake Up” featuring Kwadjo Spiri has both rappers kicking in conscious bars requesting the world to stay aware of what is, and what’s not. Taking turns, the rappers charge listeners to be vigilant by prioritising the need to truly live. In one line, Dr Pushkin says, “If you’ll not do it for you, do it for your children”.

Transitioning to an Afro-Pop song, Dr Pushkin recruits Isolirium’s Teri Wiizi on Lies. The song cites and cautions listeners against the very things that blind humanity in society. The ever-sultry Teri Wiizi compliments the thought-provoking words of Dr Pushkin by delivering interesting conscious lyrics sung in an RnB style over an infectious AfroPop beat.

There’s so much to enjoy on the Outlandish Album; however, I leave the streaming link below.


Outlandish by Dr. Pushkin (isolirium.com)


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