Happy Man Bitters Should not Stop Sponsoring Upper East Music Awards; here is why.


Happy Man Bitters, title sponsor of Upper East Music Awards, indicated a withdrawal from the scheme in the last two weeks. Ordinarily, that could have been speculative. However, the post came from the CEO of Charger Industries, Dr. Emmanuel Bortey Borketey, thus, lending credence to the publication. The decision appeared to emanate from comments made by Nambawan concerning the scheme. As expected, many took to Facebook to express the consequences of a withdrawal. Sentiments lay blame on the Artiste of the Year 2021, Nambawan.  

Dr.-Emmanuel-Bortey-Borketey - CEO Charger Industries Limited
Dr.-Emmanuel-Bortey-Borketey – CEO Charger Industries Limited

CarlMax interviews Nambawan

Because Nambawan had just received the prize that came with being Artiste of the year, many couldn’t fathom a decision to “run down” the scheme. It takes critical thinking to imbibe the situation fully in matters like this. It is worth noting that the said disparaging comments were culled from a 59-minute interview on YEM Radio in Bolgatanga.

Amid the heat emanating from the comments, the full audio from the interview was released to the general public by CarlMax, the show’s host. A careful listen to the entire tape suggested Nambawan didn’t set out to destroy the scheme. Neither was the host pursuing an agenda to create rifts between UEMA, Artist & Happy Man Bitters. However, the story’s writer seems to have fallen for the whole click-bait attitude of pathetic blogging. I use sorry blogging sparingly here. Unfortunately, Yem Radio is the only one to blame since the story has no assigned author. 

Blogging to destroy Nambawan, UEMA & Happy Man Bitters

Today’s blogging appears to thrive on sensationalism; however, at a recent Bloggers summit organized by IB Bansah, my assertion of what blogging truly is, was confirmed. Depending on your niche, you could make some good revenue from google and other ads agencies. However, the assumption that every blogger is reporting News is not true. But, the News is equally a niche in the blogosphere. One characteristic of the news niche is propaganda based on lies and incomplete information. Such an approach appears to be the trend for most media houses today.

Bloggers who dabble in the news niche have chosen a route without considering the damning effects. Blogging is largely opinionated, albeit based on facts. Therefore, reporting should be as accurate and balanced as possible in the news niche. A question arises; did the writer seek to destroy Nambawan, UEMA, Happy Man Bitters, or the relationship between all three?

The savanna regions of Ghana are almost always in the News for bad reasons, and mainstream media mostly prioritizes negativity over anything positive. Is this exactly what media outfits based in the region also intend to do?

What Did Nambawan Say?

Nambawan expressed a lot of thoughts in the interview. These ranged from acknowledging the role of Happy Man Bitters in the development of the music industry, the impressive growth of the UEMA brand, and the failings of One Love Entertainment as organizers. In a rational society, this is how issues are discussed. Why would a writer think the best out of the entire discourse is the negative sentiments? The writer is supposed to be directly linked to the media house. What happened to report Truth in its entirety?

It is okay to want to generate traffic for a website. However, it is not okay to destroy other people’s business for the purpose, especially when you are making a lopsided interpretation of issues. 

Acknowledging the Role of Happy Man Bitters

Charger Industries Limited, producers of Happy Man Bitters, has been the backbone of the Upper East Entertainment industry in no uncertain terms. For years, numerous event organizers have failed to secure any sponsorship for events. Therefore, it would be preposterous even to think someone like Nambawan would seek to destroy the gains. His win as AOTY 2021 came with a 20,000 Ghana Cedis cheque. If he could win that, why ruin a scheme when he could win more in future editions? 

Dr. Emmanuel Bortey Borketey and his outfit have lent more support to the music industry than any corporate body. I shudder to think anyone would want such help out of the system. 

Nambawan’s interview with CarlMax is one of the best in recent times. His responses to the line of questioning suggest we’ve grown past being fixated on negativity. We now seek growth; to achieve that, we examine all the gains flaws and proffer ways even to be better. 

Nambawan is the reigning artist of the year; Upper East Music Awards 2021 (UEMA). Typical of all schemes, there will always be disagreements; however, anyone nominated in a category is a potential winner. The artist, sometimes called Bolga Jet Lee, has honed his talent and remained consistent. He is arguably amongst the Top 5 artists from the Upper East Region. 

The Upper East Music industry cannot afford to lose Happy Man Bitters. 

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