Kartam Graytnes Drops new pulsating sound; Give Me Love

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Give me love By Kartam Graytnes( mixed by Bills}
Give me love By Kartam Graytnes( mixed by Bills}

Kartam Graytnes put the release of his mixtape on hold sometime in March 2020. He believed using his social media handles to urge fans to stay safe required his uttermost attention. unbeknownst, he had the intensions of serving something sweet with the fans eventually. This is probably why Give Me Love is so heart and soul.  

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I won’t be faulted if I say Kartam Graytnes is back with something sultry. This time around, he’s delivering impressive vocals in a bid to win the heart of an amazing woman. The song titled Give Me love is one that would grow on all listeners. Performed in his native language of Kpikpera, spoken in Garu; the dance-hall cum Afro-fusion artiste has once again added a magical tune to his repertoire.

Proof of growth in music is revealed when quality of productions and vocals become prominent ingredients with every new release. For emerging artistes like Kartam Graytnes, this is non-negotiable. That is what makes Give Me Love a thrill.

Give Me Love has a pulsating effect on anyone who listens, driving an involuntary dance. With this release, Kartam Graytnes deserves to be on the playlists of many deejays.

Listen & Download Give Me Love below.

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