Paul Azunre Presents Maths, Beats & Flow; Technology & Music

Maths, Beats & Flow; Technology & Music – Paul Azunre is the other side of Dr. Pushkin

Paul Azunre
Paul Azunre Presents - Maths, Beats & Flow

Technology is defining the new frontiers for development; the innovations abound, and on a daily basis tech-oriented individuals continue to make strides at improving Humanity. MIT certified Dr. Paul Azunre is one such individual. From using AI to formulate videos for his music, he’s continued to work around music, its socio-economic effect, and now a direct impact on what can best be described as a state-of-mind sound. 

Maths, Beats & Flow is pure genius in music: other than the Musical set theory which goes beyond transposition & inversion, many would wonder how Maths can have a link with Music. However, the ever-evolving nature of today’s world juxtaposed with so much knowledge, and the ability to use this knowledge makes a title such as the “Maths, Beats & Flow” something everyone would want more insight on. 

Veering off his last set of released songs, the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) certified Machine Learning Engineer, Paul Azunre, who recently engaged fans of the National Science & Maths Quiz in Ghana, has created something for nerds with a knack for Hip Hop. It is not just something for one class of people, but an eccentric set of instrumentals that will thrill people who truly love music, hip-hop and the fusion of genres. In his session with fans of the quiz, many of the young students whose affinity to Maths & Science appeared similar to a young Paul Azunre. Having represented and emerged winner of the 2002 National Science and Maths Quiz with Opoku Ware School in Kumasi; he could see himself in them. Beyond the books, most of these young ones have a love for Hip-Hop, however the public’s perception on what constitutes Hip-Hop often creates a disinterest. With the Album “Maths, Beats & Flow”, Paul Azunre has offered insights into the beauty of the art beyond booty and gangs.

The songs on the album draw influences from several genres and subgenres to further soothe the listening pleasure of music lovers. Combining Hip Hop, Chill Hop, Trap, Trap (EDM), Russian Folk Music, Lo-Fi and Rock, Paul Azure creates a whole atmosphere that enhances concentration simply by pressing play.

In a conversation with Paul Azunre he said;

‘ “Math, Beats & Flow” is a collection of Chill Hop beats I composed to help the mind achieve the ultimate state of focus – Flow. It evolved and was refined experimentally when I had the opportunity to dedicate myself to proving some mathematical theorems. It is designed to be listened to during mentally engaging tasks, such as reading, coding, doing homework, or just chilling. Just a little something to help you take a pause, a deep breath and calmly look inward during this turbulent time we are going through right now.” ‘ …Paul Azunre said.

To fully appreciate the effect of this magical sound, listeners are advised to play the songs in the specified order of the tracks, as numbered on the album. A good pair of headphones would not hurt either.  The musical piece reflects both the young Paul Azunre & the Dr. Paul Azunre – him now, and him from then –  to achieve something that transcends every day music. 

Paul Azunre has in recent years continued to pursue his childhood obsession; one that seeks to bring together his forte of science and his passion, music. While people generally hold the view that music is purely entertainment, activism has brought to bear music as a communication tool; capable of influencing society on all fronts. Often presented in the form of lyrics on a beat, many seek to effect change in society. Even so, for the scientist and creative, he can employ two personalities to offer music in two forms; hence, Paul Azunre and Dr. Pushkin. While the latter – Dr. Pushkin – has chosen to travel the path of vocally fused music with impact-filled messages, Paul Azunre would stimulate minds to achieve greatness by offering serenity and peace of mind; for enhanced focus in tackling mentally engaging tasks such as studying. In this new persona lies the use of sounds from multiple genres based on how the mind works to facilitate learning or performing of tasks. 

Two singles off the album are already available via the official label website isolirium.com and also via the Airbit platform. The first single release – titled “Little Bit”, is a perfect introduction to what awaits music lovers, nerds, and the entire world when “Maths, Beats & Flow” is fully unleashed. The second single “Dive” is also available. Paul Azunre has scheduled each song for release every other Thursday, with the third track “Fix This!” scheduled for August 20th 2020. Every track has been made downloadable for free from isolirium.com and Airbit by fans and music lovers. Tracks will also be dropping biweekly on all other streaming services starting August 20th.

Dr. Pushkin is an intriguing Ghanaian Artiste of Gurune extraction currently based in the United States of America. He holds a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  Sometime in 2019, Dr. Azunre made international headlines for his contributions to advancing the state of Optical System Design optimization algorithms. Many least expected the nerdy scientist to have a major interest in music. However, developing an algorithm that can guarantee to find the “best possible design” to an optical design problem was just the start of his quest to change society.  Today, he’s giving fans and music lovers something musically thrilling and mind-stimulating. 

One thing is certain, hip-hop aficionados would always seek to advance the genre in ways unparalleled. “Maths, Beats & Flow” is the album for everyone seeking a peace of mind in their work-space. Paul Azunre is definitely a musical gem leading innovations on multiple-fronts, with music as one major focus. 

Check out “Little Bit” and “Dive” by Paul Azunre via the links below.

www.isolirium.com or http://air.bi/b8LGk


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