Kinora Theatres, a Solution to Film distribution in Ghana and Africa; starts on the 13th of December.

Kinora Theatres Logo
Kinora Theatres Logo

It’s very interesting the way technology continues to afford individuals and companies ways to fix societal problems whilst improving the economic well-being of society. Since art has gradually been realized as a genuine way of living a dignified life, any aspect of it that suffers a short-fall should be treated with uttermost seriousness. In prescribing solutions, one must also consider longevity, vis-à-vis sustenance. This is where Kinora stands peerless.

Kinora is a tech-based solution to the problem of film distribution in Ghana and for that matter Africa. This is the brain child of a film-maker who doubles as a computer programmer, Nii Kwate Quartey.

In order to make the best out of film, we need to look at per capita income. How much are people actually earning, and how much are they willing to spend on watching a film…whatever they’re spending should not be more than the value of two meals… So, if a person is spending the value of two meals per month to watch a film, then you have a prospect of having a wide-base of people who would flock your cinemas.

The above is Nii Kwate Quartey’s response to the question of what accounts for the low patronage of Movie Theatres in Ghana. Acknowledging that the above forms the basis for a discourse on what would effect a change in attitude, increase patronage, and increase the profits of film-makers; the sustenance of a burgeoning film industry therefore demandsingenious solutions. And that’s what Nii Kwate Quatey has spent the last 10years building and fine-tuning; Kinora.

Film in Ghana

Film in Ghana has taken a dip in recent years; whilst several factors have been attributed to the trend, key contributory factors remain distribution, lack of investment, and a seemingly low regard to quality. However, a critical view of the issues suggests an interwoven problem; implying that when distribution is fixed, a greater part of the problem is solved. And that is where Kinora, an ingenious tech-solution comes in.

What is Kinora

Technically, Kinora is a plethora of cinemas converging in one place, but serving communities as individual theatres. Call it a conglomerate of cinemas.It affords the general public and movie lovers the opportunity of watching their favorite movies within their immediate surroundings. Not only in their immediate surroundings, but in a cozy comfort of a hall similar to what they get at any of the prestigious cinemas across the country. This implies that, a film released can be shown in multiple locations across the country; not in the form of premiers but as a new release in the various theatres run by Kinora.

How Many Theaters has Kinora got?

Currently Kinora has 12 cinemas in Accra. And is housed in some of the most beautiful hotels in Accra.

Kinora as a Mobile App

The current version of the App only runs on android, this because of the initial target audience which is Ghana. Considering the cost involved in building the iOS version and the low usage of iOS by Ghanaians; the Ceo and sole programmer of Kinora decided to start the whole initiative on android, whilst working on the iOS versions and other ways to enhance the reach and effect of the App on the Film industry. 

What can you do on the Kinora App?

The app’s features allow movie lovers to do the following;

  1. Find theatres closest to them.
  2. The App allows in-app purchases of tickets via mobile money
  3. Users can find films currently showing at Kinora cinemas
  4. Users can watch trailers of Films
  5. Box Office rankings
  6. It also allows users of the app to interact with customer service to resolve issues and also answer any questions with regards to the app.

What makes Kinora Unique?

Even though the man behind Kinora is a film maker by profession, the primary focus of Kinora is to revamp the Theatre culture in Ghana; in the process, creating more revenue for film-makers. This could lead to re-investment which would in the long run affect quality positively. Kinora believes in the cross-culture effect of arts like films. It will therefore dub films in other popular languages for easy showing in more places. Whilst Kinora kicks-off in Ghana, the grand scheme involves reaching out to the general African Market.

Kinora Brings the Theatre closest to you.

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