[Video] Inspirational; Former Defense Minister cum Navrongo Centrap MP ventures into Farming.


Sometime last two years, I engaged two friends in a conversation around the Sandema Post office; we talked about the opportunities that abound in the savanna zone of Ghana, and the seemingly tough hassle in places like Accra. At a point, we all agreed that, for young people like us to truly improve our economic fortunes, there was a rapid need to invest. Several investment ideas came up but a lot of the ideas centered on farming, one way or the other. That’s when I found out about my uncle who owned over 1,500 cattle, and Mark Woyongo’s over 800bags of rice harvest.

I grew up on an irrigation project, and was well aware of how farming enriched my late father; however, I had never paid attention it as an investment investment. However, seeing the video of Former Defense Minister cum Navrongo Central MP, Mark Woyongo talk about his life as a farmer has rekindled an interest in the area.  The obviously fulfilled Mark Woyongo who refers to his current venture as his first love is definitely an inspiration to many of us.

I will definitely be speaking with one of those friends with whom I had the discussion with; it’s unfortunate the other who goes by the name Jonathan Allou died two weeks ago. May his Soul Rest in Peace.

Farming is one lucrative venture worthy of our resources.


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