Who Da Man – A Gold Gang version.

Who Da Man - Gold Gang Version
Who Da Man - Gold Gang Version

Gold Gang is definitely set to bring music from the Upper East to the frontline. Who Da Man is Sarkodie’s gift to fellow rappers. King Sark, as he’s been tagged in recent times, finds it necessary to innovatively reach out to colleague musicians; for mutual benefit. When he announced he’d be putting out a beat with hooks and a chorus for other rappers to ride on; my first thought was, how’s anybody gonna own a song started by King Sark?

However, listening to a version by Gold Gang got me intrigued. I may have allowed a Thomas spirit to take up my optimistic self; taking cues from talented rappers and singers like Kwesi Arthur, a group of youngmen have unleashed what I can safely describe as “taking charge and owning” Who Da Man.

Going by the name Gold Gang, these emerging artistes have laid impeccable rap verses, more hooks, impressive vocals; and blended the English parlance and another Ghanaian so flawlessly.

Even though I recently encountered a member or 2 of what I describe as a band, I am yet to become familiar with the members of this Gold-mine waiting to take over the music industry.

These guys deserve a spot in Ghana music; they’re living the time, and delivering what can fit on any playlist of our Deejay’s.

If you ask me “Who Da Man” , I’ll simply respond, “Goldgang. Flow and skill unparalleled, enigmatic in nature.”

Listen to their version of Who Da Man Below

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Who know’s I may be doing a feature on them soon. 2016 was the golden year of music emerging from Northern Ghana; 2019, is the definition of who’s here to stay and who’s just making noise. The likes of Teflon Flexx, Soorebia, Goldgang, are proving it.



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