[Listen & Download] Love Letter to Wendy Laarie of Zaa Radio in Tamale

Another Goldgang classic


Here’s my gift to you as we ready for the parties; all through December and early January we’ll be partying like always, and since sharing is caring, I believe I should share this special Goldgang tune with you.

Slowdown is my jam for the holidays and it’s dedicated to one special lady. The lady that does the slow wind and all em gyrating dance moves that sets my mind agog. She’s special, and I think you’re too.

[disk_player id=”3458″]

Good music needs the mileage. This song is performed by two of Goldgang’s crew Chana Paul & Lamachi, over the last few months that I’ve encountered these guys, I strongly believe their breakthrough is eminent. When it comes to fruition, I’m certain they’ll be an awesome representation of Ghana music.

[disk_player id=”3458″]

In the words of Lamachi; “we just know how to make good music”…Goldgang is piering through the window seal, they’ll soon be the tallest.

Hey, Wendy is that friend who makes me feel old. Hahahahahah….


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