Listen Up; Nyaanu is an amazing Christian worship song sung in Moar by Fant L Moindib


I have an inclination towards anything that fuses a very cultural aspect of a people with something modern. To me it births my eclectic nature; to feed it, I comb all over the media for something interesting each day. Hearing a Moar Christian worship song Nyaanu was one such moment.

Yesterday I randomly chanced upon a video on my timeline by a young musician of Bimoba extraction, Fant L Moindib . Exhibiting an impressive vocal delivery, the young man sung seamlessly in his native language over soulful Piano rhythm. The kind that could literally bring the heavens down.

According to the singer, he learnt the song as a child from his mother.

“Hello family, I woke up on this day with songs that I learnt from my mother when I was very young so strong on my heart… Whenever mama sung these songs our family devotions turned to something else… I couldn’t help but worship with some of them…

I pray that you are blessed and may you join in blessing the name of the lord with me.

This song encourages us to stand still and watch the Lord our God fight our battles for us. It says He will conquer and win victories for us.

As a matter of fact, I like it even more when you translate it directly from moar… In which case it says… Let’s” stop talking ” because God will fight for us…. Sometimes we complain so much and forget that it is the lord God Himself that is on our side.”

Even though I do not understand the words of the song, its touching nature is worthy of praise, and I believe I’ll soon find a meaning to it.

Moar is the language spoken by the Bimoba ethnic group in Ghana’s North-East Region.

Listen to Nyaanu below.


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