No gimmicks; Ghanaian Rap artiste Dr Pushkin resurrects Kwame Nkrumah & Nelson Mandela in Hip Hop Song and Video.


Going by the name Dr Pushkin, his ingenuity as a creative rap artiste and an artificial intelligence prodigy has once again come to life through music. Weaving between a social consciousness and the rudiments of infectious music, he reiterates the often bemoaned thoughts of the average African. Did You think About Me as he’s titled this song, exudes the thoughts of many an African; especially in the face of frantic efforts to combat the spread of covid-19.

Dr Pushkin

The song which is written by Dr Pushkin and his label mate Ataman Nikita (together known as Isolirium), features Egyptian singer Silverina. The songstress compliments the well carved lyrics of Dr Pushkin giving it that authentic and respectable hip hop sound. One is tempted to view the musical prowess of Dr Pushkin in the eyes of conscious rap greats such as Immortal Technique & Vinnie Paz.

The interesting addition to this well-produced hip hop song is the slideshow which isn’t just a bunch of images stringed together; but involves bringing back Dr. Kwame Nkrumah & Nelson Mandela to life for the purposes of the video/slideshow. Using his deep knowledge of artificial intelligence Dr Pushkin who is known in academic circles as Dr Azunre employs elements of machine learning to have a young him, Dr Kwame Nkrumah & Nelson Mandela sing along to Did You Think About Me.

Call it a query and you won’t be faulted, Did You think About Me seeks to know if the African Politician considers the needs of the ordinary man in their decisions. Making a solid case against the luxuries enjoyed by the political class, who seemingly pretend to be solving problems, Dr Pushkin reasserts the thoughts of many Africans, and for that matter Ghanaians.

One intricate part of rap music is how reality is presented in bars; whilst it has mostly turned party, blings, and a-show-of-quid, few artistes still uphold the very core of the genre. Using it as a major transformational tool. A tool that questions the very essence of humanity’s source of inspiration for how dastardly many socio-political institutions are functioning.

Dr Pushkin is an intriguing Ghanaian Artiste of Gurune extraction currently based in the United States of America. He holds a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In 2019, Dr Azunre aka Dr Pushkin made international headlines for his contributions to advancing the state of Optical System Design optimization algorithms.

It doesn’t matter what one chooses to pursue academically, if you’ve got the art in you, it always manifests. No wonder he’s strategically employing his academic skills in crafting something unique out of technology but still hip hop.

Did You think About Me by Dr Pushkin is available on all digital platforms.

You can also download it below

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How about a collaboration of M.anifest…Will be dope huh.


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