Mansa Musa II : Another Magic Collection Of Lyrical Gems By KV Bangerz

...another magical collection of Lyrical Gems by KV Bangerz

Mansa Musa II by KV Bangerz
Mansa Musa II by KV Bangerz

Mansa Musa II is coming on the heels of Afro Beatz Mixtape, which was a massive collection of awe-inspiring songs featuring 30 artistes from across the continent. The creativity that runs through all the productions on that mixtape could drain an average producer. However, KV Bangerz has gone ahead to serve us another saucy tape dubbed Mansa Musah II.

Featuring 5 amazing rappers, KV Bangerz eulogizes a dying breed whose lyrical prowess is respected by not celebrated enough. It’s no mean feat getting Egbon CassLyrical JoeBudukusuBryan The Mensah & Tochek on a project. However, KV Bangerz did it.

The EP Mansa Musa II is a fun-filled one but not the garbage of today. For the Hip Hop aficionado, this is an EP worth putting on as a playlist. Lyrically, all the artistes featured on the EP brought “them” on for KV BAngerz. Even though I must admit, KV screaming was sometimes piercing…Lol.

Drawing from his vast experience as a hip hop/ trap producer, the affable rapper/singer, and producer put Barz on infectious beats. Featuring lyrically dexterous rappers from the continent, KV Bangerz presents an album featuring a dying breed.

Back to the subject of riches. Historically Mansa Musah is regarded as the wealthiest man to ever walk this earth, can we conclude that Hip Hip is currently one of the richest genres in music, if not the richest? With that answered, can we also say KV Bangerz is thus far one of the “richest” music producers in Ghana?

Listen to this impressive EP below.


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