Opeimu By Mr Jay is Here…Will Urban Gospel Survive?

Opeimu By Mr Jay
Opeimu By Mr Jay

Opeimu By Mr Jay is here. True to the words of the urban gospel aficionado, the impressive Christian alternative song has been released. The song is a praise song that re-echoes the call to evangelize.

The Origins of Opeimu By Mr Jay

However, the Christian community in Ghana has been challenged to accept what previously was atypical, despite a deviation from the norm. Justin Mensah aka Jaysmoke and several others initiated the Urban Gospel movement in Ghana. Their efforts went From staging live events, radio shows, web shows, to TV shows. The young Christian community was poised for change. Finally, art, music, and the Christian faith were being merged.

Undoubtedly, it remained herculean convincing the general Christian society that music in its purest form isn’t necessarily evil. But, rather, the content of the music may be the source of worry. Whilst many loved to jam to rap and other genres of music that proved feet-stomping, the Christian was saddled with going with canal lyrics or adopting the genre.

Deejay Jaysmoke started his repjesus music/dance/poetry event called OneMyke at Xfm, something came to the fore. Many young Christians wanted to use all manner of artistic expressions to praise, worship, and spread the gospel. For about two years, OneMic became the monthly gathering for acts like Essais, Kingsqid, PsalmOne, Preachers, Lil Zig, and many others who loved the alternative presentation of the message of Christ. Churches like Perez Chapel International started inviting urban gospel acts to thrill the younger generation.

Urban Gospel appears to be struggling to accept but the growth trajectory is an indication of something else.

With songs like Opeimu By Mr Jay, there’s definitely hope for the Urban Gospel. A well-composed song, Opeimu has a good message and infectious instrumentation. Young Mr. Jay brings on his usual A-game to a song that charges Christians. A generation that brings innovation to spreading the gospel. And reminding all, that God is the Opiemu of all. Willieobeatz is the producer of the song.

You can stream Opeimu By Mr. Jay below.


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