Showbowy Goes Back to Juju…

Showbowy Goes Back to Juju, yet, refuses to promote BBMO.


After failing to validate his minimum performance fee of Ten Thousand US Dollars with a new song 10k, Showbowy has tucked his tail between his thighs and run back to “Juju”. For many, the erratic entertainer’s departure from promoting a rather entertaining album BBMO, was somewhat idiotic, if not entirely ignorant. Pardon my language. Likening the antic to the phrase “You don’t change a winning team”, Showbowy and his crew should have known that hitting gold in music, isn’t a feat that repeats itself often.

Who is Showbowy?

Wahidu Adisa, popularly known as Showbowy the Upper East Region is best described as “a different kind of artiste”. Over the years, he’s shaped his persona to withstand the hurdles that characterise being a celebrity. From the frequent jabs, to the praises, he’s managed to accept all. Despite wielding an intricate personality, the frequent lodge in controversies and not his creativity is indicting.

Juju is a single off his BBMO album released on August 17, 2020. BBMO is one jam-packed with songs that can earn Showbowy some stripes. Despite the varied opinions that surrounded the release, general consensus suggests the album is worthy of praise. This should mean he could go beyond the region with that album. It isn’t surprising that BBMO clinched Album of the Year at the recent edition of Upper East Music Awards.

Did Showbowy and his management need a stunt to release the Video of “Juju”? An emphatic No, the energy wasted on the contract termination controversy should have gone into promotion.

The music video of Juju has been on YouTube since January 14, 2021, It’s however yet to receive 300 views. That is unacceptable considering the stature of the artiste.

The stunts are okay, however, the business of music transcends controversies. An artiste like Showbowy deserves to blow beyond Upper East Region. Let’s push him to win more fans.

An Album that has 17 songs, with 5 Music videos must definitely mean something other than just another release.

Is Showbowy a rapper or a singer?


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