Showboy Rescues Atigsi-Badek with an impetuous song titled $10K.


My name is Atigsi-Badek, and I am a thinker. His name is Showboy, and he is a musician. The beauty of what I do is that, I freely express and update my thoughts when necessary. However, few musicians consider truth when expressing thoughts on the welfare of musicians. This is probably what has exposed the true worth of Showboy to the world.

It’s 2021, I am being dragged on the streets of Facebook for receiving a citation from the Happy Man Bitters sponsored event, Upper East Music Awards 2020. Whilst I bob and weave through the obviously mischievous salvos, Showboy decides to come to my rescue.

Typical of the Upper East Region, a barrage of controversies, and complaints characterize the end of each December. Mostly from the events that marked the holiday period. This year, as the disputations surrounding the events begun to trickle in, Showboy decides to steal the show by drawing attention to himself.

Taking to his Facebook timeline, Showboy hinted at charging nothing less than $10k from thence. That is to say his minimum charge to perform at an event is now Ten Thousand US Dollars. In other words, for him to perform at your event, you’ll have to pay him Fifty-Eight Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHS58,000)

With an ongoing discourse, Showboy decides to play smart by releasing a song. Unfortunately, the song is an impetuous production meant to satisfy his ego. The song titled $10K lacks what can serve as the basis for wishfully desiring GHS58,000.

Listen to $10K By Showboy below.

Akin to Shatta Wale, Showboy, also known as Wahidu Adisa, has often dwelled on controversies to advance his brand. However, it appears he may have bitten more than he could chew. One would have expected his team to channel their energy into promoting his last album BBMO. The album has some pretty good music, and could actually help gain more traction. But, alas, the owner of Bolgatanga and all its Zongo’s chose to trend. Unfortunately, the song resulting from the discourse on charges has failed to cement the worthiness of Showboy.

For an artiste who was gallivanting around the Upper East Region due to a number of performance schedules; It would be nice to know he made a fat income. Unfortunately, $10k suggests otherwise.

The Bon Dee Entertainment signee is undoubtedly an entertainer in his own regard. However, whether he chooses to be a rapper or a singer, he’s got so much more ork to do.

Can event organizers in the Upper East Region pay an artiste GHS58,000?

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