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All About The WL Seat

The WL Seat
The WL Seat

What Prompted The WL Seat initiative

The WL Seat - Logo
The WL Seat – Logo

The WL Seat: Once upon a time, ingenuity appeared to be confined to the south of Ghana; young people from Tamale, and for that matter the Savanna of Ghana, were left hanging on to the stories from beyond, to serve as inspiration. Whilst it bolstered many dreamers into achievers, we all reckon the fact that relatability plays a significant role in the pursuit of success borne-off motivation.

The above assertion, in recent times, is witnessing a revolution; with more eligible examples of people to look up to from within the savanna communities. More and more people can now find inspiration from the stories of people they can easily relate to. This is where The WL Seat comes in; with an objective of revealing to inspire all.

The strides made by business persons/magnates, politicians, physically challenged individuals, married couples, students, media personalities, musicians (including other art-form practitioners), sports personalities and many others, continue to urge people unto greatness.

What is the Objective behind The WL Seat ?

The WL Seat also known as The Wendy Laarie Seat is primarily an interview with a notable individual or group meant to impact the lives of mostly youth in the Savanna zone of Ghana. It’s nature and mode of transmission, however allows for the impact to spread across the world; as far as Facebook can reach. Someone may ask, Why not on TV? Well, mobile communication continues to penetrate the nooks and cranny of our beloved country with little suggestion of the trend changing. It therefore makes sense to carry out such a novelty via social media.

The brain behind The WL Seat

Wendy Laarie
Wendy Laarie

Wendy Laarie, the brain behind this show is an enthusiast of positivity, thus, in every situation she believes there could always be a positive outcome. Having worked as a radio journalist & presenter for 10years, Wendy Laarie believes it’s time to be innovative in how she gives back to society. Many media personalities in Tamale are affecting lives positively, but she has decided to stretch beyond handouts and offer more. That’s how The WL Seat came about. In her own words;

“I’ve had many people come up to me, asking about how to start a radio career. It then dawned on me that, the youth are desperately in need of inspiring stories that detail the routes, and thoughts that went into pursuits that brought success.

Considering the dynamics in starting a mainstream media show, I chose to use new media i.e. Facebook. Especially, as many of my target audience clamor for content on there. It is my way of giving back to society. I’m privileged to have a good dose of cordiality with many people who went from zero to hero, so why don’t I get them to inspire people with their stories? The focus is not flaunting opulence, but sharing the trials and experiences that culminated in the success.

On the other hand, there are many successful people who want to share their success story, because they know it will drive an urge to forge ahead till a win is tabled. But, time constraints and how to properly put it out makes it challenging. Being a communicator, I know how to engage people well enough to bring out the inspiration. Many youths out there, have no idea what to do with their talents, and some don’t even know where their strengths lie, making it easy to give up on dreams. However, the stories of these successful people would teach many about the thorny nature of the road to success. And that’s the idea behind The WL Seat.”

The show which started on the 15th of March with Fancy Gadam as a guest has already become a people’s choice.

Tonight at 8:30PM Wendy would be joined Don Sigli for yet another great discourse.

Wendy Laarie is a newscaster/journalist with Zaa Radio 99.3FM, Tamale. She is also the host of two shows on the same network; Lunch with Wendy on Zaa (12pm-02pm), Mon- Fri & Love Ocean (10pm – 12am) on Saturdays. She’s also an employee of National Road Safety Commission in Tamale.

The WL Seat is on Facebook via Wendy Laarie & The WL Seat page.

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