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What is rap? Ahmed Shaban
What is rap? Ahmed Shaban

Shaban has a unique style, he’s a daring young man almost always ready to for a battle in rap. He’s penchant for jabs is peerless. He’s probably the only artiste who can turn a love song to a one that taunts another. Probably drawing inspiration from his own nickname the Rap King Kong, Shaban continues the journey to the top with battle rap. What is rap is not just another rap song from Shaban; It’s got a groovy vibe, the kind that gets hip-hop heads nodding like lizards in pants.

Though he is yet to occupy his place in “rapdom” in Ghana, we can’t take away his prowess and potential. His unique flow is something that Ghana is yet to truly experience. And in my opinion What is rap should be seen as the intro to the world of the Rap King Kong, Ahmed Shaban.

Tamale stand up.

Listen & Download What is rap below.

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